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The truth is that initially the impact isn’t completely positive, due to the concept of debt to income ratios you are unlikely to continuously get approved for other things you may want like a house or a new personal car. We have options as we understand these things can be extremely valuable for our clients. Within 8-14 months the goal is to move all the cars from your personal credit into the business which will not only free up your file but strengthen it as you will have paid off “loans” on your credit profile which in turn puts you in a even better position for the aforementioned assets.

Yes but you would be notified ahead of time so that you have the option to invest or move on to a more subtle option if you aren’t looking to tie up funds long term.


Generally speaking, it is very risky, but with the strategies that are implemented by the master traders managing your portfolio you can be at ease knowing that your entire account is never at risk and that the goals promised are 80 to 95% likely to be reached


We prefer to pay our clients in three forms BTC wire or checks.


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